“Finally!” my friend Leo gasps.

“We’re here!” Zoe adds.

My names Natalie . Natalie Duncan. And we just arrived at joey’s pizzeria.

“Hey it rhymes with my name!” Zoe says.

“Come on you two” I say. “Lets go.”

We walk in the pizza place. Some robots are performing.

“I bet he’s joey” I say, pointing to the singer.

“Nah” Leo says. “He looks like Joey.” He points to the guitarist. He had blond hair with two tiny spikes on it. He was wearing a red T-shirt, blue jeans and black shoes. All of the sudden he throws a shirt. It lands on my head. I take it of my head it was dark red and had a picture of joey on it. I remade my red hair. The place smelled like pizza. We decide to go to the hall way. At least three guards were in the hall. we take a look in the play room Its has a slide, trampoline, toys and a play place. A banner hangs on the wall showing a little kid on it with the words ‘lets play!’ over it. I see the same kid at the side of the room holding a toy car and walking around.

“I’m to old for this stuff” I say. My friends agree. we look at another door that says ‘parts and service. DO NOT ENTER.’ A chill went down my back. we decide to get our pizza.